Adata UV100 - 16GB

یو اس بی فلش ای دیتا ای یو وی 100 - 16 گیگابایت
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25,000 تومان

مشخصات فیزیکی:ابعاد: 5.8 × 19.3 × 41 میلی‌متر - وزن: 4 گرم
مشخصات فنی:رابط: USB 2.0 ، USB 1.1 - ظرفیت: 16 گیگابایت

امکانات و قابلیت های محصول

DashDrive™ UV100- Unlock more value with slimmer and smaller drive


فلش مموری سبک و باریک

The latest slim profile USB Flash drive, the DashDrive™ UV100, expands the wide range of portable data storage options available.


On-the-Go Style

The drive incorporates the capless design that has proved to be such a successful and popular feature of ADATA Flash drives, eliminating the risk of cap loss. An integral strap hole makes the drive easy to carry on a lanyard or keychain. For the fashion-conscious, the drive boasts a diamond-cut bevel exterior, allowing owners to express their unique personal style. However, the key feature of the product may well be its highly competitive price point, which will make the UV100 an ideal option for those who use Flash drives on a daily basis and are looking for a highly portable backup drive.

*Strap accessory shown in image is not included with the product.



Slimmer and Smaller

With a length of only 41mm and a thickness of just 5.8mm, it is an extremely compact and economical solution for those who view data portability as a day-today necessity.







The UV100 comes with a lifetime warranty, and is available in capacities of 4, 8, and 16 gigabytes.



Smart Power: The Means for Total Protection

Known for being top quality, with their remarkable performance and innovative designs, ADATA portable hard disk drives have more than “hard power” to offer, notably the most valuable software.

? The OStoGO tool assists you by converting your Microsoft Windows 7 Installation DVD to an ADATA portable storage device, providing you the convenience of being able to quickly install Windows 7 via USB booting without the need for an optical drive.

?The powerful UFDtoGo tool synchronizes data, e-mails and your Favorites, affording you true mobility.

?Norton Internet Security 2012 (60-day trial) safeguards your data from viruses and other harmful processes. Registering your ADATA 

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